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Feature Benefit
The NS in the name stands for “Naked Sports” and there is no doubt when you look at the Pulsar 200NS that it is one of the best looking street fighters around.

The body has been sculpted with careful attention to detail, like the foot pegs or the grips on the handle bar or even the backlit switches. Every aspect of the bike has been crafted to ensure the aggressive and muscular look of the Pulsar is married with the next generation of motorcycling design.

The riding position on the Pulsar 200NS is upright making it perfect for city riding and also to take it for a spin on the twisties.

Streetfighterlooks gives the Pulsar 200NS unmatched character on the road.
Feature Benefit

The Pulsar 200NS is loaded with technology that has boosted performance. Sitting in the saddle takes you straight to the next generation of biking.

The revolutionary Triple spark technology provides unprecedented performance, efficiency, lower emissions and when coupled with the 4-valve engine provides better power, throttle response and pick-up at all engine speeds. To keep this power mill running smoothly the Pulsar 200NS hosts a Liquid cooling system that ensures longer engine life, smoother engine sound and no power fading or overheating. Add to this, a 6-speed gearbox and you are in biking heaven.

The Pulsar 200NS manages to dish out peak power of 23.5 Ps @ 9500 rpm and a healthy torque of 18.3 Nm @ 8000 rpm. It boasts of a power to weight ratio of 162 Ps per ton! No wonder it can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.61 sec and 0 – 100 in 9.83 sec

Great performance across the entire rpm band and all gears giving the pulsar 200NS a true sports bike character.


Feature Benefit

Apart from adding to the looks and muscle to the front of the Pulsar 200 NS, the perimeter frame allows for sharp, nimble and confident handling along with better cornering stability due to higher lateral stiffness. The Pulsar 200 NS chassis comprises of a steel perimeter frame and a rectangular tube section swing arm that offers substantially higher torsional rigidity.

The low slung central muffler & the tightly packaged Nitrox mono shox ensures low & central CG position. The almost 50:50 weight distribution helps in effortless maneuvering curves and substantially improving high speed and straight line stability

More confidence in your ride. Be it the daily commute or a long roadtrip - the Pulsar 200NS has been designed for utmost safety and performance.


·Brawny masculine looks of a Naked Sports bike
·Muscular Perimeter frame
·Specially designed foot pegs, switches
·Stylish split seats
·New 2 piece grab rail
·New head lamp
·Clip on handle bar
·Sporty naked chain with ‘O’ ring
·New look alloy wheels
·Broad rear tyre and petal disc brakes
·New look underbelly exhaust
Type Type SOHC - 4V - Liquid Cooled
Combustion system Combustion system Triple spark
Ignition system Independent spark control through ECU
Crankshaft Type Integral
Max. Power 23.52 PS @ 9500
Max. Torque 18.3 Nm @ 8000
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 49 mm
Displacement 199.5 cc
Fuel system Carburettor, UCD 33
Air filter Paper element
Exhaust system Exhaust TEC enhanced centrally mounted
Front Telescopic, with anti-friction bush
Rear 5 way adjustable, Nitrox shock absorber
Front Petal Disc with floating caliper, Dia 280 mm Disc
Rear Petal Disc with floating caliper, Dia 230 mm Disc
Front 100/80 - 17, 52 P, Tubeless
Rear 130/70 - 17, 61 P, Tubeless
Fuel Tank
Total litres (reserve, usable) 12 L
System DC Ignition
Headlamp H4 bulb 12V 55/60W
Tail/Stop Lamp 0.3/3 W, LED
Battery 12V 8AH VRLA
Length (mm) 2017
Width (mm) 804
Height (mm) 1195
Ground clearance (mm) 167
Wheelbase (mm) 1363
Kerb Weight (kg) 145
THE TRIPLE SPARK TECHNOLOGY Three spark plugs provide unprecedented performance and efficiency - Fast and optimal combustion at part load conditions results in better fuel efficiency and ensures lower emissions.

The high performance triple spark engine controlled by an advanced Electronic Control Unit, is the technology of the future. Combustion in a triple spark engine is 27% faster than a twin spark and 50% faster than a single spark engine.


The 4-valve engine facilitates induction of more quantity of charge (air-fuel mixture) and complete evacuation of all burnt gases

This results in increased engine performance – power, throttle response and pick-up at all engine speeds.

4-valve engines can be revved to much higher RPMs, without any engine strain, allowing the rider to experience superior performance.


The high performance Pulsar 200NS engine is kept cooled using liquid coolant, which is better at heat dispension as compared to an air cooled engine.

Liquid cooling ensures there is no power fading due to overheating and results in longer engine life and the coolant provides for a muffling effect which smoothens engine noises even at high RPMs.

6 SPEED GEARBOX The smooth shifting 6-speed gearbox is perfectly mated to the powerful 4 valve, triple spark, 200cc engine ensuring optimal use of the wider range of power delivery.
Underbelly Exhaust The Pulsar 200NS is equipped with a centrally placed Underbelly Exhaust which helps reducing emissions among other advantages.
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